43 years of experience, of success and competition. Coming with experience or need assistance, El Sheikh will guide you through the process of choosing the right tire for your vehicle with the help of our team of specialists. Looking for a tire that is rare or hard to find? You’ll definitely find it at El Sheikh. In addition, as prices vary from one place to another, we guarantee you a price that is unbeatable. We also provide exquisite car wheels trims with various sizes, designs and models. All you need for your car is at El Sheikh as we also provide advanced technological early detecting defects system to prevent further damage to your vehicle. You can benefit from all our services whilst you visit to El Sheikh.

Why are Tires Important?

Have you ever imagined that tires could enhance your car’s performance? Yes, you read that right, tire sizes and quality can help enhance your car’s performance and balance. But how can you know your tire’s size? Tires size is found on the side of the tire; for example, 15/65/195mm V each number represents something. For further exemplification, 15 represents the diameter of the trim by square inch, 65 is the height of the tires from each sidewall which has to 65% from the 195mm, 195mm the width of the tire in millimeters, and the V refers to the maximum speed for the tires on normal roads or when carrying normal load which can be referred to as the speed rating. Tire size is so important for the quality of driving and safety of the passengers as wrong tires size can cause accidents and car crashes.

Tire Types and their Effect on Performance

There are 3 main types of tires that have a great effect on the car’s performance and that depends on the season. All terrain tires are good for off roads, regular roads and most seasons or weather conditions, but the problem with these tires is that they tend to wear faster than other types and may need to be changed earlier than the recommended 7,500 miles which you may notice when checking the pattern wearing out. Another important and widely used tire is the performance tires which work best for high-speed drivers but they are not recommended to be used in cold weather, they also help preserve fuel, enhance traction and receptivity. All season tires are tires that can be used in all seasons and all-weather conditions such as snow, heat, or rain; thus, it’s considered a practical tire.

Beyond Tires

El Sheikh provides its clientele all the services they need; with advanced defects detecting systems, different types of tires, various types of car trims, we also provide you with specialists that will help you through the process of choosing the right tire size and type for your car, and the conditions in which you will drive in. when it comes to choosing a place to change or fix your tires choose a place that provides you the best price and service and that is El Sheikh for tires and batteries. Your visit to El Sheikh will be an unforgettable visit that you will not regret.