Did you know that 99% of car batteries can be repurposed, which saves 90% of greenhouse gas releases? At El Sheikh, you can find all your car needs including batteries, tires, and trims. We provide international car batteries with included insurance to leave you stress-free. Our team of specialists will help detect any battery defects with our early detector whilst providing you with the information you need to help your battery outlive its common lifespan which lasts from 3-4 years. We have various types of batteries at El Sheikh; thus, we’ll help you to find the right battery type for you and how to detect early defects.

Battery Types

There are 2 common car batteries which have different features.

1. AGM batteries are popular now especially in modern cars, they don’t spill even upside down as they don’t have any excess electrolyte. However, they are considered heavy, and caution is needed when installing them.

2. Calcium battery is considered low maintenance as it has double the lifespan of a normal battery and is considered inexpensive. Their battery antimony is made of calcium, yet they usually require a higher charge of voltage to provide the same level as an antimony battery.

There are many more types of batteries, gel batteries, spiral coil batteries, and deep cycle batteries each with different features.

Battery Size

Each car needs a specific battery size that fits whether in its hood or in some cars the trunk. The size of the battery doesn’t indicate its power as many factors play a role in the power of the battery. Hence, a big battery doesn’t surely mean that it’s stronger, and the size only refers to the height, length, and width of the battery.

Reasons for a Short Battery Life

First, 3 factors affect the battery’s lifespan, not using your car and keeping it parked for a long while can weaken the battery, so we recommend driving your car every day for a while to avoid this. Something we usually do is forget the car light overnight or even keep the ignition on unaware of its deep effect of weakening the battery and shortening its lifespan. The third factor is weather; to elaborate, living in a hot country may cause the battery to wear down faster than living in a cold place.

Signs of a Damaged Battery 

There are some signs you can watch out for as they indicate your battery is damaged. When the engine takes longer to start this may mean that the car battery is getting weak, the interior light not being as bright as before, a bad odor or smell from the battery, and battery swelling. Some of these signs call for an instant change of batteries or that you should be cautious because the fluid in the battery is low.

Special Treatment

El Sheikh aims to provide its customers with the best service and guidance. We aim to make our customers feel connected and a part of our organization. El Sheikh sells batteries, tires, and trims, but when everyone is closed off or busy, El Sheikh is always there, with a 24-hour open business and a price that is not found elsewhere, that’s why our clients have chosen us for years.