Your safety matters to us, and we know how often tires can be a source of  a headache especially when we don’t give them the care and cautioun needed. That’s why at El sheikh, we really care about tire quality to ensure your safety, that’s also why we recommend checking on your tires regularly using our methods and watching out for specific signs that can help you detect tire disfunction. Tires damage can occur because of many factors some of which we can control and others that we cannot.

Natural vs. Controlled 

Imagine what your car tires stumble upon on a daily basis, rusty nails, potholes, and many other objects that may cause serious damage to your tires, but still your tires manage to make it through. There are 5 common causes that may damage your car tires. One of which we can control and others are inevitable, such as:

1. Misangeled wheels, which won’t cause serious damage but will shorten your tire’s life span, yet it’s a factor that can be controlled by aligning your tires properly.

2. Inaccurate tire pressure, unfortunately when tires are not accurately inflated and driven on, they can turn completely flat as the tires carry the weight of the car, while even over- inflated tires can also cause damage to the tires and cause them to fail.

3. Curbs or sidewalks, can cause serious damage to your tire that is irreversible, as the sidewall of the tire isn’t strong enough.

4. Potholes, tires are consciously created to endure potholes and pumps, yet big potholes are considered a big threat as the sides of the pothole are sharp and can cause serious damage to the tires.

5. Foreign objects, or to sum it up nails, glass parts, sharp objects in general, but these objects are quite normal to appear and tires are constructed to endure these objects.

How to Spot a Damaged Tire

When should I change my tires? El sheikh states that there are 5 signs of a damaged tire that are irreversible.

1. Uneven tire wear, when your tire pattern wears out, this indicates that the tire needs to be changed and aligned or it will affect the car’s ability to fully stop.

 2. Cracks in the sidewall, especially in low temperatures, this case occurs. El Sheikh offers tire analysis to decide whether to change or repair the tire.

3. Constant air pressure problems, air pressure isn’t considered a big deal when it happens every now and then but when air pressure problems appear constantly it can indicate that there is a hole in the tire and you may need to pay El Sheikh a visit.

4. Blisters or bubbles, in this case, a tire replacement must occur, bubbles are a sign of inner damage in the tire, they appear mostly after hitting curbs or sidewalks.

5. Vibrations, other than feeling uncomfortable while driving, vibrations can be a sign of a damaged tire or alignment problems.

Better Safe than Sorry

At el Sheikh, we work with the policy of better safe than sorry, and ask you to regularly check on your tires, and never hesitate to come in for a consultation. We provide you with the best quality tires from both national and international brands, with a range of prices that suits everyone whilst promising the lowest price in town.