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Car Batteries: Types, Lifespan, and Maintenance Tips

Did you know that 99% of car batteries can be repurposed, which saves 90% of greenhouse gas releases? At El Sheikh, you can find all your car needs including batteries, tires, and trims. We provide international car batteries with included insurance to leave you stress-free. Our team of specialists will help detect any battery defects with our early detector whilst providing you with the information you need to help your battery outlive its common lifespan which lasts from 3-4 years. We have various types of batteries at El Sheikh; thus, we’ll help you to find the right battery type for you and how to detect early defects.

Battery Types

There are 2 common car batteries which have different features.

1. AGM batteries are popular now especially in modern cars, they don’t spill even upside down as they don’t have any excess electrolyte. However, they are considered heavy, and caution is needed when installing them.

2. Calcium battery is considered low maintenance as it has double the lifespan of a normal battery and is considered inexpensive. Their battery antimony is made of calcium, yet they usually require a higher charge of voltage to provide the same level as an antimony battery.

There are many more types of batteries, gel batteries, spiral coil batteries, and deep cycle batteries each with different features.

Battery Size

Each car needs a specific battery size that fits whether in its hood or in some cars the trunk. The size of the battery doesn’t indicate its power as many factors play a role in the power of the battery. Hence, a big battery doesn’t surely mean that it’s stronger, and the size only refers to the height, length, and width of the battery.

Reasons for a Short Battery Life

First, 3 factors affect the battery’s lifespan, not using your car and keeping it parked for a long while can weaken the battery, so we recommend driving your car every day for a while to avoid this. Something we usually do is forget the car light overnight or even keep the ignition on unaware of its deep effect of weakening the battery and shortening its lifespan. The third factor is weather; to elaborate, living in a hot country may cause the battery to wear down faster than living in a cold place.

Signs of a Damaged Battery 

There are some signs you can watch out for as they indicate your battery is damaged. When the engine takes longer to start this may mean that the car battery is getting weak, the interior light not being as bright as before, a bad odor or smell from the battery, and battery swelling. Some of these signs call for an instant change of batteries or that you should be cautious because the fluid in the battery is low.

Special Treatment

El Sheikh aims to provide its customers with the best service and guidance. We aim to make our customers feel connected and a part of our organization. El Sheikh sells batteries, tires, and trims, but when everyone is closed off or busy, El Sheikh is always there, with a 24-hour open business and a price that is not found elsewhere, that’s why our clients have chosen us for years.

Tire Problems and Safety: Your Guide to a Secure Ride

Your safety matters to us, and we know how often tires can be a source of  a headache especially when we don’t give them the care and cautioun needed. That’s why at El sheikh, we really care about tire quality to ensure your safety, that’s also why we recommend checking on your tires regularly using our methods and watching out for specific signs that can help you detect tire disfunction. Tires damage can occur because of many factors some of which we can control and others that we cannot.

Natural vs. Controlled 

Imagine what your car tires stumble upon on a daily basis, rusty nails, potholes, and many other objects that may cause serious damage to your tires, but still your tires manage to make it through. There are 5 common causes that may damage your car tires. One of which we can control and others are inevitable, such as:

1. Misangeled wheels, which won’t cause serious damage but will shorten your tire’s life span, yet it’s a factor that can be controlled by aligning your tires properly.

2. Inaccurate tire pressure, unfortunately when tires are not accurately inflated and driven on, they can turn completely flat as the tires carry the weight of the car, while even over- inflated tires can also cause damage to the tires and cause them to fail.

3. Curbs or sidewalks, can cause serious damage to your tire that is irreversible, as the sidewall of the tire isn’t strong enough.

4. Potholes, tires are consciously created to endure potholes and pumps, yet big potholes are considered a big threat as the sides of the pothole are sharp and can cause serious damage to the tires.

5. Foreign objects, or to sum it up nails, glass parts, sharp objects in general, but these objects are quite normal to appear and tires are constructed to endure these objects.

How to Spot a Damaged Tire

When should I change my tires? El sheikh states that there are 5 signs of a damaged tire that are irreversible.

1. Uneven tire wear, when your tire pattern wears out, this indicates that the tire needs to be changed and aligned or it will affect the car’s ability to fully stop.

 2. Cracks in the sidewall, especially in low temperatures, this case occurs. El Sheikh offers tire analysis to decide whether to change or repair the tire.

3. Constant air pressure problems, air pressure isn’t considered a big deal when it happens every now and then but when air pressure problems appear constantly it can indicate that there is a hole in the tire and you may need to pay El Sheikh a visit.

4. Blisters or bubbles, in this case, a tire replacement must occur, bubbles are a sign of inner damage in the tire, they appear mostly after hitting curbs or sidewalks.

5. Vibrations, other than feeling uncomfortable while driving, vibrations can be a sign of a damaged tire or alignment problems.

Better Safe than Sorry

At el Sheikh, we work with the policy of better safe than sorry, and ask you to regularly check on your tires, and never hesitate to come in for a consultation. We provide you with the best quality tires from both national and international brands, with a range of prices that suits everyone whilst promising the lowest price in town. 

Decoding Speed Rating: Your Guide to Tires at El Sheikh

Why choose El Sheikh? Because our first and foremost goal is to provide our customers with the best experience at El Sheikh tires and batteries. At Elsheikh, you can find all your car needs in one place from batteries to tires, and all within a price range that makes El Sheikh the most affordable vendor of car tires, batteries, and trims. One of our main goals at El Sheikh is providing our clients with the best service and guidance. Tires are a very wide topic and to choose the right tire, it’s best to take these points into consideration, the right tire size, speed rating, and how these two elements play a role in the performance of the car and the safety of its users.

What is Speed Rating?

No matter how fast or slow you drive, speed rating codes are a very important indicator of the tire’s stability. There is a very long list of speed ratings, but we’ll sum them up for you. In a previous article, we mentioned the 4 main tire indicators that can be found on the right side of the tire; for instance, 15/65/195mm and V, and the V stands for the speed rating. Each speed has a tire that suits it and enhances its performance, whilst keeping the driver safe by making the car more stable on whatever road it’s on. For instance, A8 or B are not suited for highroads or high speeds, and the list goes on to Y, with A1 as the lowest and it can endure less than 40Km/h and from A to H the endurance of the tires is still low, but at H the speed level is a bit higher and can endure above to 210Km/h. the most common ones are the H-rated tires, T-rated tires, and the ZR-rated tires. The H-rated are for common use, T-rated are mostly used in vans or family cars, whilst the ZR are used for sport cars and are above the Y-rated tires.

Speed Rating Chart

Speed Rating SymbolSpeed (mph)Speed (km/h)
A1-A8<25 mph<40 km/h
B31 mph50 km/h
C37 mph60 km/h
D40 mph65 km/h
E43 mph70 km/h
F50 mph80 km/h
G56 mph90 km/h
J62 mph100 km/h
K68 mph110 km/h
L75 mph120 km/h
M81 mph130 km/h
N87 mph140 km/h
P94 mph150 km/h
Q100 mph160 km/h
R106 mph170 km/h
S112 mph180 km/h
T118 mph190 km/h
U124 mph200 km/h
H130 mph210 km/h
V149 mph240 km/h
ZRAbove 168 mphAbove 270 km/h
W168 mph270 km/h
Y186 mph300 km/h
(Y)Above 186 mphAbove 300 km/h

Why are Speed Ratings Significant?

Speed ratings indicate how much heat the tire can endure and not following these guidelines can result in damaging the tire, slower response in the steering wheel, or problems with coming to a stop. These guidelines are set by the Society of Automotive Engineers Standards, by exposing the tires to controlled very high heat conditions which can reach up to 100 degrees for one hour. As we mentioned before, each road and each speed require a specific tire type and speed rating to ensure the safety of its users.

A Caring Service

El Sheikh provides with care all kinds of services in one place to save your time because we understand how time-consuming it can be to go to different places for the same service, and that’s why we have a team of specialists that will help you decide the right tire for your car and the right speed rating that works for you. Whether just a normal H or a sport ZR, your visit to El Sheikh will be time-worthy.

Your Trusted Tire Expert for Over 43 Years

43 years of experience, of success and competition. Coming with experience or need assistance, El Sheikh will guide you through the process of choosing the right tire for your vehicle with the help of our team of specialists. Looking for a tire that is rare or hard to find? You’ll definitely find it at El Sheikh. In addition, as prices vary from one place to another, we guarantee you a price that is unbeatable. We also provide exquisite car wheels trims with various sizes, designs and models. All you need for your car is at El Sheikh as we also provide advanced technological early detecting defects system to prevent further damage to your vehicle. You can benefit from all our services whilst you visit to El Sheikh.

Why are Tires Important?

Have you ever imagined that tires could enhance your car’s performance? Yes, you read that right, tire sizes and quality can help enhance your car’s performance and balance. But how can you know your tire’s size? Tires size is found on the side of the tire; for example, 15/65/195mm V each number represents something. For further exemplification, 15 represents the diameter of the trim by square inch, 65 is the height of the tires from each sidewall which has to 65% from the 195mm, 195mm the width of the tire in millimeters, and the V refers to the maximum speed for the tires on normal roads or when carrying normal load which can be referred to as the speed rating. Tire size is so important for the quality of driving and safety of the passengers as wrong tires size can cause accidents and car crashes.

Tire Types and their Effect on Performance

There are 3 main types of tires that have a great effect on the car’s performance and that depends on the season. All terrain tires are good for off roads, regular roads and most seasons or weather conditions, but the problem with these tires is that they tend to wear faster than other types and may need to be changed earlier than the recommended 7,500 miles which you may notice when checking the pattern wearing out. Another important and widely used tire is the performance tires which work best for high-speed drivers but they are not recommended to be used in cold weather, they also help preserve fuel, enhance traction and receptivity. All season tires are tires that can be used in all seasons and all-weather conditions such as snow, heat, or rain; thus, it’s considered a practical tire.

Beyond Tires

El Sheikh provides its clientele all the services they need; with advanced defects detecting systems, different types of tires, various types of car trims, we also provide you with specialists that will help you through the process of choosing the right tire size and type for your car, and the conditions in which you will drive in. when it comes to choosing a place to change or fix your tires choose a place that provides you the best price and service and that is El Sheikh for tires and batteries. Your visit to El Sheikh will be an unforgettable visit that you will not regret.

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